Wedding Gone Wrong Turns Into a Joyous Celebration These 200 Homeless People Will Never Forget


What happens when you've paid $40,000 for your daughter's wedding and she comes to you 40 days before the special day to announces her engagement's been called off? Do you call the whole thing off? Get all the wedding food delivered to your house and put in Tupperware? Let the money go to waste? If your name is Carol and Willie Fowler, you throw the party anyways, but instead of inviting your closest family and friends, you invite 200 homeless people. Now that's what I call turning lemons into lemonade.

Although no one enjoys cancelling their wedding on such short notice, the couple's daughter is handling it better now that she knows the money is going to a good cause. "We're very pleased that she's handling it so well. ... She was also very delighted to see and know that others had an opportunity to enjoy something, rather than just allow it to go to waste," Carol Fowler told Yahoo News.

The event took place last Sunday in Atlanta and was organized in conjunction with an organization called Hosea Feed The Hungry. In the midst of all this media attention, the Fowler family has already announced that they will be hosting another charity event next year. "It's a great example of how you can turn any bad situation into a positive one."

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