5 Reasons George W. Bush Needs to Step Up His Instagram Game


Former president of the United States George W. Bush has kept a low profile since leaving office, preferring to stay under the radar. After a troubled (to say in the least) eight year tenure, he has had little public notice. Not only does Bush avoid giving interviews, but he also tends keeps his political opinions to himself. Perhaps it's because he's considered a war criminal in some parts of the world, but he keeps his international trips brief if they happen at all.

That's not to say that Bush doesn't from time to time allow himself to fall under the public gaze. Beyond releasing a memoir designed to justify his decisions as president, Bush has also dabbled in painting, moving from drawing cutesy puppies and other animals to nude shower selfies.

It seems that Bush has found a new outlet for public self-expression in the popular photo sharing platform, Instagram. Perhaps he has accomplished all he can as a painter, and is now interested in mastering photography. Perhaps after five years out of office he feels more comfortable sharing his private life with the world. Perhaps he has just forgotten that the world is more than willing to poke fun at his shortcomings. In any case, George W. Bush really needs to step up his Instagram game. Here are five reasons why:

1. Bush Owes Veterans More Than a Round Of Golf

While it's a great gesture to spend time on the course with the families of soldiers killed in action, Bush needs to do more than smile and pose to make amends for the hardships he has put America's service members through. If he is doing those things, well, where are those photos?

2. Schmoozing With Celebrities Won't Earn Him Any Points

Studies have shown that you should surround yourself with less attractive individuals if you want to come across as more attractive to others. That's not applicable here. In terms of looks, neither Bush nor Michael Jordan are working with much these days. In their prime, Jordan was the clear winner. Not to mention in that terms of job performance, Jordan definitely left everything on the floor and became a legend even before he retired. Bush can hardly say the same.

Plus, Obama is besties with Jay-Z. Cool points: game, set, match.

3. The Internet is For LOLcats, Not Boring Ones

Since the dawn of time (or the creation of the internet for you non-millenials out there), the world wide web has brought folks looking for entertainment cuteness in the form of kitty. There's not only an abundance of cat photos out there, they are also amusing, entertaining, and generally worth looking at, unlike Bush's offering.

Dubya, even my cat wears tutus, speaks on command, and sleeps while making the most awkward and cute poses. You're telling me you couldn't find ONE hilarious thing for this cat to do, and snap that photo? C'mon son.

4. Dubya Shouldn't Be Teaching Anything

Professor George W. Bush? Really? No, thank you. It's still too soon. Nice "I mean business" shot, though.

5. The Internet is For Giggly Cuteness

Just like with cats: the internet is made for cute babies. If your baby isn't making me laugh, then why am I looking at it again? Here are some pointers for your next photo session. Don't let me down, Dubya!

You do seem to make a great granddad though. Kudos to that.