Lax Bro Plays Real-Life Game Of Grand Theft Auto, What Happens Next Wasn't in the Xbox Version


"I wanted to see what it was really like to play Grand Theft Auto in real life," said no one ever. Well, except for Zachary Burgess, freshman lacrosse player at Auburn University.

While some satisfy their imaginations by clocking in long hours with their game consoles, 20-year-old Burgess decided to take it a step further and become one with the highly popular video game series Grand Theft Auto.

On Saturday, September 21 in Baton Rouge, Burgess, from Hoover, Alabama hijacked a car, held its passenger captive, and plowed into at least nine vehicles before fleeing the scene.

A group of witnesses reportedly held Burgess not too far from the abandoned stolen vehicle until officers arrived on the scene. Too bad helpful bystanders don't exist in the GTA world ... Burgess might have been better prepared.

During questioning Burgess told police that he wanted to see what it was really like to be one of the characters in GTA, reported NBC 33 news.

While Burgess would have climbed up the criminal social ladder in the world of GTA, in the real world it landed him behind bars. Surprise, surprise.

Burgess was held on a $80,000 bond and charged with Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Hit-and-Run, and Simple kidnapping.

Maybe bring a different video game to life next time? Just Dance 2?