You Won't Believe What This Fake iPhone Ad Got the Internet's Most Gullible People to Do


Gullible Internet users have reportedly been tricked into drowning their iPhones after a fake Apple advert began circulating on social media claiming that the new iOS7 software upgrade made the phone waterproof.

Furious posts have appeared on Twitter complaining about being fooled by the hoax. One user claimed that their iPhone was now broken and at the bottom of a river, while another vented:

The fake advert uses Apple's trademark text-style and formatting, and invites users to "update to iOS7 and become waterproof." It goes on to explain that the software upgrade means that "in an emergency" the smart-phone will automatically "shut off the phone's power supply and corresponding components to prevent any damage to your iPhone's delicate circuitry."

See the ad below:

The advert is reported to have originated on the image-board website 4chan, the same website allegedly responsible for a 2012 hoax in which Entertainment Tonight's Twitter account was hijacked to spread a rumour that Justin Bieber had cancer and encourage fans to shave their heads in solidarity.

The site began as a forum for anime enthusiasts, but has since launched a number of successful internet memes. It has also been linked to the Anonymous "hacktivist" network; some claim that the collective originated on 4chan. 4chan's message boards have also been used to coordinate the Project Chanology hacking campaign against the Church of Scientology.