This Guy is a Total Catch, But Not For the Ladies


Six feet tall. Black hair and green eyes. Charming, adventurous, daring, masculine, not to mention, fluent in Spanish. The business owner, who is "very, very smart," has been described as having a "nice, easygoing personality" and being quite the "ladies' man." 

It's no wonder. He's a total catch.

And the FBI would totally love to catch him.

See, the thing is, my tall, dark, and handsome lover — Glen Stewart Godwin —  is actually a brutal two-time murderer and highly dangerous fugitive. 

In 1980, when the playboy was 23, he stabbed someone 26 times with a butcher knife. He was sentenced to 25 years to life at his first prison, but after an escape attempt, was transferred to Folsom California State prison in 1987. It only took him six months to get the Folsom Prison blues and want out.

To this day, he's the only person to have ever successfully escaped from Folsom's maximum security facility. 

Slate described Godwin as "the murderer who pulled a real life Shawshank Redemption escape." They wrote, "He did so in grand, cinematic fashion, slipping through an open manhole and crawling 750 feet down a storm drain to the American River, where he used a raft left by an accomplice to paddle his way to freedom. (Authorities have not confirmed whether Morgan Freeman was on hand to narrate the entire thing.)" 

He was last seen in Mexico in 1991. He was placed on the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted list in 1996. 

He's thought to be somewhere in Central or South America involved in the drug trade. Although the FBI has a strong track record of nailing down fugitives (of 482 placed on the Most Wanted list, 452 have been captured or located), John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted, said in a 2006 interview with Anderson Cooper that he'd be surprised if they caught him. "We have been profiling him so much, but once you disappear into Central America or to South America, it's really, really tough to get a fugitive." Walsh added, "He's a brilliant fugitive."

OK, so maybe he's not such a catch — not the type you bring home to Mom and Dad.

But he'd certainly be a catch for the FBI. 

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