Aaron Alexis Video: Footage Of Navy Yard Shooter Minutes Before His Rampage


Today, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released a disturbing video depicting Aaron Alexis entering the Washington Navy Yard to embark on a mass murder spree. In the video, the viewer can see the automobile that the gunman used to enter the yard's parking garage. Alexis, 34, is also seen setting up his weapon and walking between floors shortly before commencing the spree. Apparently, the video has been edited to exclude scenes of graphic violence.

The video is part of a comprehensive report that determined the gunman acted alone, was mentally unstable, and was not targeting specific individuals in his rampage.

The FBI also released garish photographs of the rifle Alexis used in the mass shooting. The firearm bore engraved messages on it such as "End to the Torment!" and "Not what y'all say!"