Virginia Governor Debate: Cuccinelli vs. McAuliffe


Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Democratic Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe square off in McLean, Va. Wednesday night for their second gubernatorial debate. The debate is being moderated by NBC News correspondent Chuck Todd, and will focus primarily on the economy. According to the latest Washington Post poll, McAuliffe presently enjoys a 47% to 39% lead over his Republican opponent, who is struggling among women thanks to a so far successful effort by Democrats to portray Cuccinelli as anti-woman. 

Cuccinelli comes into tonight's 7 p.m. debate needing a solid performance to close the gap on McAuliffe, but an 8% deficit at this point in the race is manageable. McAuliffe will be on the defense as he tries to secure his position as front-runner, so don't expect either to play it safe. Both candidates tonight will have to face questions on issues ranging from Obamacare funding to their scandal-laden pasts

The lieutenant gubernatorial debate was held last night, and while his running mate E.W. Jackson put in a gaffe-free performance, Cuccinelli may look to do some damage control on controversial statements Jackson has made previously in the race.

As you get set to watch tonight, read the Washington Post's rundown of the action from McAuliffe and Cuccinelli's first debate. 

You can watch the debate live here on C-SPAN.