5 Musical Artists Who Got Their Start on 'Grey's Anatomy'


This fall's TV lineup is shaping up to be pretty amazing, and the 10th season of everyone’s favorite medical drama is no exception. While Grey's Anatomy focuses on emotional and romantic entanglements, it also features some pretty awesome music. Here are five artists who were rocketed to stardom by their inclusion on the show's soundtrack.

1. The Postal Service

Headed by Death Cab for Cutie lead singer Ben Gibbard, Postal Service got its name because of its long-distance collaborations: the band's far-flung members shared their contributions via mail rather than recording things in person. "Such Great Heights," a song from Postal Service's first album, served as Grey’s Anatomy's first theme song, popularizing the band and leading to numerous covers. The Postal Service played their last concert together at Lollapalooza this year.

2. The Fray

The Fray is a rock group that formed in Colorado in 2002. They gained popularity with the song “Over My Head (Cable Car),” but Grey's Anatomy's use of “How To Save A Life” in its 2006 promotions allowed the band to avoid one-hit-wonder status, and brought them international attention. The song was inspired by lead singer Isaac Slade’s experiences mentoring a troubled teenager, and it's become an inspiration for fans coping with difficulties.

3. Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol is an Irish and Scottish band that formed almost two decades ago. After the song “Chasing Cars” was featured in the second-season finale of Grey’s Anatomy in 2006, the group released it as a single. The song become enormously popular, and it was nominated for Best Single and Best Rock Song at the Grammys. Snow Patrol's last album came out in 2011, and their single “The Lightning Strike (What If This Storm Ends?)” was featured in the commercials for Epic.

4. Mat Kearney

Kearney was born in Oregon, but moved to Nashville to pursue his career. His second album — the first he released on a major label — sold well, but when the song "All I Need" was featured on Grey’s Anatomy, it made him incredibly popular. He's since toured with many artists, including John Mayer, Sheryl Crow, and another Grey’s Anatomy alumnus, The Fray. His most recent album, released in 2011, featuring the song "Hey Mama."

5. Ingrid Michaelson

The incredibly promising and talented Michaelson began her career at the age of four in Staten Island, N.Y. She self-released her first album, Girls and Boys, in 2006. After her music appeared in several episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, she released a remastered version of the album, and was picked up by Old Navy for a commercial. Her newest album, Human Again, was released in 2012.