Ted Cruz Gets Called Out For His Fauxbuster On 'Meet the Press'


If there is one thing more infuriating than imagining the Republicans shutting down the government to placate their temper tantrum, it's listening to them trying to explain their logic and reason behind this ridiculous move.

On Sunday's Meet the Press, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) defied all logic when he claimed that Democrats are the ones taking an "absolutist" position on Obamacare. The Republicans, he stated, wanted a repeal, but have compromised by attempting to defund it. Apparently, threatening a government shutdown is also part of the compromise.

Host David Gregory was incredulous. He countered by saying that the Affordable Care Act has passed through the entire political process, that fewer people were supporting Cruz now than before, and that the American people neither protested nor began mass movements to back the Republican Party on this issue. "You spoke for 21 hours to make these arguments ... where have you moved anything?" Gregory asked.

Cruz had no answer.

Gregory's most astute statement during the show was, "You make this argument as if there's no broader context." This sums up Republican's response to Obamacare: they argue as if millions of Americans weren't struggling to get basic health care before, as if polls don't show that the majority of Americans would rather uphold than repeal Obamacare, as if they had an actual viable alternative. In doing so, they consistently ignore reality and drag us all down a rabbit hole we don't want to enter.

Watch a clip of Cruz's logic-defying statements here: