Texts From Hillary Meme Arrives in Time For Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Run



Just in time for renewed rumors about a potential Hillary Clinton presidential run, this time from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who’s jumped on the “Hillary 2016” bandwagon, new fictional Tumblr photo-blog “Texts from Hillary” has become the hottest and most hilarious online political meme from the 2012 election season.

Washington, D.C., professional communicators Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith are the authors of the Tumblr photo-blog which uses a Hillary Clinton image taken last October by Reuters photographer Diana Walker. Lambe and Smith, who reportedly came up with the idea over drinks, claim the site is meant to be a compliment to the former First Lady and senator. It could also be seen as a late vindication of Hillary’s 2008 bruising defeat by now President Barack Obama, as Madam Secretary now stands as America’s most popular politician.  

“Texts from Hillary” follows the fortunate trend previously set by other fake accounts and memes that seek to entertain as opposed to just fundraise or advance a particular agenda through the use of social media. Notable examples are resilient Republican presidential candidate and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum’s “Fear Rick’s Vest,” and “Mexican Mitt,” a Twitter profile that mocks Mitt Romney’s earlier comments about his father being born in Mexico and the ulterior and unfortunate “self-deportation” assertions made by the former Massachusetts governor during the Republican primaries' immigration debates.

Watch "Mexican Mitt," the music video, below. Which do you think are other funny online political memes and fake social media accounts from this dysfunctional election season?