Hillary Clinton For President in 2016 Underlined in New Viral Meme


Tumblr’s latest meme, “Texts from Hillary,” spreading in shares across the net, features photos of the secretary of state texting in her sunglasses. Hillary’s photos are connected to pictures of various celebrities and political figures, displaying back-and-forth text conversations between them and Hillary. The two particular photos that stand out to me is one where President Obama lays on a couch, holding his cell. He texts, “Hey Hill, Whatchu doing?” Hillary responds, “Running the world.”  This may be a satire, but it’s also an indication of the powerful impression she has on many people.  Perhaps running the world is a stretch, but running the country certainly isn’t. If Hillary is going viral now, she will unquestionably go viral over the next four years, just in time to run for the 2016 election.   

Though Hillary lost to President Obama when she ran for the presidency in the 2008 election, she was the first female candidate ever to have a realistic chance of winning. Notable democrats have even weighed in on the idea of her running again in 2016, including former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelocy who said, “I would love to see Secretary Clinton become the nominee for President in 2016…. I do think the Secretary should entertain the thought of running in 2016. Hasn’t she been a magnificent Secretary of State?” 

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who has filled Hillary’s previous seat, told BuzzFeed, “I’m going to be one of the first to ask Hillary to run in 2016. I think she would be incredibly well-poised to be our next Democratic president. I think she’s extremely well-prepared. I think her experience as Secretary of State has not only elevated her stature and experience, but she’s proven she’s someone who can get things done, and I think she’d be an outstanding candidate.” Other Democratic leaders who have voiced their support for Hillary Clinton to run include Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. 

One of the best known photos of Hillary covering her hand on her mouth, watching updates on the Osama Bin Laden raid in Pakistan with Obama and his national security staff, nearly became the most viewed photo on Flickr last year. Hillary’s response to it was, "Those were 38 of the most intense minutes. I have no idea what any of us were looking at that particular millisecond when the picture was taken. I am somewhat sheepishly concerned that it was my preventing one of my early spring allergic coughs. So, it may have no great meaning whatsoever."  

Hillary may not think this iconic photo has any meaning, but it signifies her popularity as a political figure. The fact that this particular image of her is so notorious reflects the firm and respectful perception the public has of her. 

Hillary has stated that she doesn’t want to serve a second term in the Obama administration. On an interview with MSNBC, her response to running another White House race was, “It's very flattering, but, you know, I'm not at all planning to do that." 

I sure hope she reconsiders and judging by her popularity, I think it’s safe to say that my statement also speaks for her many supporters.