Nikki Haley: Want More Women In Office? Then More Women Should Run


As an intern at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), I have the opportunity to attend some pretty cool events. Yesterday, AEI hosted South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to talk about her new book, "Can't Is Not An Option." She brought up great points about women in office. Specifically, she discussed how one of our biggest problems is that there are not enough women in office. People of both sides of the aisle agree. But Haley's solution is simple: More women should step up and run. Why aren't more women in office? Because a lot of women don't run.  It has nothing to do with a patriarchal society or a "war on women" but the simple fact that most women aren't interested in for office.

I was just looking through some stats on the 2010 elections. Women won 50% of the gubernatorial races they participated in 2010. Out of the 8 races with a women candidate for governor, 4 were won by women. When women do decide to run, they are usually successful candidates no matter what party they are from. Three were elected as new governors, while one incumbent was re-elected. Two women weren't up for re-election. While 6 women governors seems like a small amount, women's high winning percentage should encourage more women to step up and run for office. 

Women are still in a minority in elected office, but as more and more women present themselves, more are getting elected. Governor Haley is just one example of several women who beat men to get elected.

Do you hate the supposed "attack" on your health? Guess what, you can do something about it.Run for office. Haley did it. When she saw major corruption in her party, she tackled it head on as State Legislator. When the party tried to put her down by stripping her position of its authority, she ran for governor and won. Women don't have to stand on the sidelines any longer. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, you can find a strong women in your party to be encouraged by.

People often ask me if I think that if President Obama is re-elected, will a woman be president in 2016? My answer is simple: Only if a woman runs for President. The attacks will be rampant, but if a woman sees this country going down hill and wants to run for office, she can. As the data shows, she has a good chance of being elected. Governor Haley put it this way, "We are not going to whine, we are going to show results. Women are not one issue voters." She couldn't be more correct. Instead of going along with the constant hyperbole put forth by political parties and the media, let's fight against it. Why don't we stand up and run for office and stop worrying about how the media, or even our own party, portrays us? The best way to combat the attacks on our gender and appearance is by showing them exactly what we are capable of.