How the Pawnee Parks Department Feels About the Government Shutdown


Well here we are: the government is shut down, and with it, our federal parks. The fine folks at the Pawnee Parks Department had their own shutdown a few years back (between seasons 2 and 3), but this federal shutdown is bringing out all sorts of emotions.

Leslie Knope is not happy. First, she was angry:

But now it's more of a resigned hopelessness:

Ron Swanson, however, is relishing the governmentlessness (that is not a word):

Tom Haverford is scared of everything:

Donna is making the most out of a bad situation:

... And she's bringing us the latest updates:

April Ludgate seems to be doing OK:

Andy Dwyer definitely knows what's going on:

And Chris Traeger, well he's got some stuff to figure out:

But of course, this is all Jerry's fault: