If You're Obsessed With 'Breaking Bad', You'll Love Colbert's Hilarious Government Shutdown Segment


There aren't a lot of winners during a government shutdown, but there's one group that can always profit from any political crisis: late-night show comedians. This time was no exception. Stephen Colbert delivered a stellar performance comparing the looming government crisis to the widely popular season finale of "Breaking Bad." Watch him make light of a pretty depressing situation in the most perfect way. In case you're wondering, this clip contains zero spoiler alerts for true fans who haven't seen the finale yet!

The Colbert Report

Since more than 800 000 federal workers are out of work today and that the shutdown may have grave consequences for vulnerable populations like single mothers, children, disabled veterans and those in need of disaster relief, it's no laughing matter. Only the king of comedy could make sure we are left with at least a smile on our faces amidst such political uncertainty. 

How do you feel about the government shutdown? Who do you think is to blame? Will it affect you? Let me know on Twitter and Facebook. Click here to view this clip from Canada.

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