Listen to Ted Cruz's Father Go Nuts and Make His Son Sound Moderate

The Adams County Republican Party's Lincoln Day Dinner was held in Thornton, Colo. on Friday night. Many GOP 2014 gubernatorial and senator candidates attended, including Ted Cruz's father, Raphael Cruz, who delivered the key note speech. In this short clip from the speech Cruz presents his version of being a "constitutional conservative."

He starts off with what must have been a joke, stating "if the winds shift, [Obama] will side with the Muslims." At which point, someone from the crowd responds, "he is Muslim!" Cruz emphasizes how it is about time "we stop being politically correct." Not only does he point fingers at President Obama and his health care plan, but at the Republican Party as well. Cruz states, "we have too many RiNOs in the Republican Party" who are basically under the impression that others are "too stupid." He suggests the American people ought to be smart enough to "throw them out of office" and replace them with "constitutional conservatives." 

In the midst of implying President Obama would jump ship for the "Muslims" and encouraging us to throw political correctness and RiNOs out the door, Cruz emphasizes how Obamacare is offering "suicide counseling" for the elderly. Needless to say, it is doubtful Cruz actually understands the Affordable Care Act, or much else for that matter.