Watch WWII Veterans Storm Their Own Closed Memorial


World War II veterans are refusing to stop their tour of Washington, D.C., in the face of a governmental shutdown, which has closed over 400 national parks and monuments nation-wide.

The National Park Service announced that it would barricade parks and monuments and post police in parking areas around the monuments in order to ensure no one enters. Furthermore, they would shut down basic monument services such as restroom facilities and running water.

Even facing these obstacles, veterans who were set to visit the World War II National Monument on Tuesday were undeterred. They broke the barricades and entered en masse.

So far, there has been little attempt to prevent veterans from visiting the monument. In fact, some government officials like as Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) are taking the opportunity to voice their support for the veterans the shutdown, which may affect their benefits, including their disability claims and pension payments.

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