Rick Perry Shows Womenfolk Their Place By Telling His Wife What She Thinks


When Anita Perry — the wife of Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry — said that she sees abortion as a "woman's right," she understandably raised some eyebrows given her husband's staunch pro-life position, which has led him to oversee more than 250 executions as governor. Being interviewed by Evan Smith at the Texas Tribune Festival, Anita said of abortion, "That's really difficult for me, Evan, because I see it as a woman's right. If they want to do that, that is their decision; they have to live with that decision."

Making sure that Anita didn't want to "inadvertently make news," Smith asked if he was hearing her correctly. She reiterated, "Yeah, that could be a women's right. Just like it's a man's right if he wants to have some kind of procedure. But I don't agree with it, and that's not my view."

Her comments on abortion start at the 2:30 mark.

But as it turns out, Anita didn't know what she was talking about. We know this because Rick Perry said so. And if anyone knows what Anita Perry's really thinking, it's Rick "I Can't Name the Third Federal Agency I'd Eliminate" Perry. After all, he is the man of the governor's mansion, and you know how fickle womenfolk can be.

On Tuesday in New Jersey at a campaign stop on behalf of Senate candidate Steven Lonegan, Perry said his wife misspoke. "From time to time we’ll stick the wrong word in the wrong place, and you pounce upon it."

That's right. Anita dun-did "stick the wrong word in the wrong place," as clearly evidenced by her careful and articulate explanation of her position on abortion. Clearly for Rick this is just another case of a poor damsel in distress being unable to explain herself clearly, and that dadgum liberal media just went a-pouncin' all over her. 

Ladies, let Rick show you how to eloquently explain yourself.