This Boy Was Suspended From School For Pointing His Finger


When you thought that anti-gun nuts have reached the bottom of the barrel, they simply destroy it and continue digging their graves of ridicule. The latest case involves a Florida kid who was suspended from his school after getting "caught" mimicking a gun with his fingers while playing cops and robbers with a friend.

He didn't point his finger-gun at a teacher, in which case there would be a reason for the suspension. He didn't threaten anyone. According to his mother, he has no history of violence, although she thinks he will be considered violent from now on. According to school officials who don't provide many details, the child was suspended because he violated the school's code of conduct. In reading it, it is clear that the violation was a result of a very, very broad interpretation of "assault," which is considered an imminent threat to someone's integrity.

These actions, if the mother is telling the truth, are completely blown out of proportion. But they shouldn't surprise anyone born after 1980. We are a generation sterilized from anything that's remotely politically incorrect, at least in the public system, to the eyes of the mostly liberal professoriate.

From punishing teachers showing students their constitutional rights to suspending a student "unlawfully" distributing copies of the Constitution on Constitution Day to people being sent home because their t-shirts hurt the virgin eyes of the teachers, the public school system is increasingly producing docile citizens obedient to the God state, constitutional rights be damned. Students are even encouraged to renounce these rights and are brainwashed with liberal propaganda in economics.

But don't think conservatives are any better. When George W. Bush was president, he was pushing abstinence-only sex "education," even though it was a miserable failure. With Republicans in power, creationism and intelligent design are taught on par with evolution, although not a single peer-reviewed paper supports the former "theories."

The "easy" solution to stop state propaganda, the violation of our rights, and the paranoia about anything resembling a gun would to privatize education. This way, schools will be able to make their own policies. Creationists will be able to rear fools and liberals will be able to teach the "benefits" of statism.