'The Mindy Project' Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: God Wants Casey to Be a DJ


In the latest episode of The Mindy Project, "Music Festival," Mindy tries to be supportive when her fiancée Casey changes jobs to pursue a career as a DJ.

Casey announces his decision in front of his entire church upon his return from Haiti. Mindy is clearly dismayed at this turn of events, and while she tries to roll with it, her patience is tested when Casey sits on her couch for six weeks, beat boxing to his laptop and setting off the smoke alarm when he tries to make grilled-cheese sandwiches.

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Mindy is thrilled to learn that Casey has booked a gig at a music festival, but she is not particularly excited about attending. She gamely shows up with a pink hairpiece and a cool jacket, and half of her coworkers in tow.

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Mindy is just not feeling the festival scene, as it forces her to interact with hippies. Still, she shows up at Casey's show after Danny gives her a pep talk — well, technically, he calls her out for not supporting her fiancée's passion — and learns to appreciate Casey's skill as a DJ.

Unfortunately, after Casey's set concludes, he declares that his true passion is actually event planning. Later that evening, Casey asks Mindy how she feels about moving to Austin so he can attend a great graduate program in the subject. Mindy rebuffs him, pointing out that she already moved to Haiti for him, and can’t just follow his whims whenever he discovers a new passion.

Casey and Mindy subsequently break up, to the strains of the National’s “I Need My Girl.”

Back at the practice, managing partner Jeremy decides that they need to hire a replacement for the recently resigned Dr. Paul Leotard. Nobody points out that Leotard resigned after Mindy challenged him to a duel for his office space, and that any new doctor would have to set up shop in a storage closet.

One job applicant makes a lasting impression by admitting that he got fired from his last job for drunkenly having sex with the Christmas tree at the company holiday party. The applicant, Peter Prentiss (played by Adam Pally), hails from a fraternity at show creator Mindy Kaling’s alma mater, Dartmouth. He immediately hits on Mindy in the most offensive ways possible, telling her (to her horror) she must be a plus-sized model. Pally told Access Hollywood that, "I think Mindy went to school with some of these guys at Dartmouth." Peter plays up the stereotype of a Dartmouth fraternity bro, saying, "As you can see right there, I am Dartmouth undergrad and Dartmouth medical, so I have double D’s ... It’s all here in this broster. It’s a philosophy that me and my fraternity brothers came up with as a way to live life to the bro-est."

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The doctors all reject his initial application after the sex-with-tree revelation, but Peter gets a lucky break when Jeremy is hit with a double delivery. Both Mindy and Danny are out of the office when Jeremy needs help, so he calls on Peter. Peter performs surprisingly well under the circumstances, skillfully calming a hysterical dad.

So Peter is joining the practice, just in time for sassy, single Mindy to return to the dating scene. Join me next week to see what happens!

Quick Hits

Mindy Madness: 5/10

Why are they hiring a new doctor in the episode after Mindy pushed the last one out? Why does the music festival look like a county fair with hippies?

The Ex Factor: 5/10

Casey’s only an ex for the last few minutes of the episode, but he earns points by taping his face onto a voodoo doll for Mindy after they break up.

Guest Star Power: 9/10

Adam Pally may not be a household name, but he’s very funny. I’m excited to see him join the show, though I hope they don’t try to turn him into Mindy’s newest romantic interest.

Problematic Points: 4/10

The running gag about Jeremy gaining weight is getting awkward. It doesn’t make him more likable or more interesting. It’s just sort of offensive.

Greek Chorus: 2/10

Betsy, Beverly, and Morgan all have minor and relatively unmemorable roles this episode. Tamra gets the best line:

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