Watch This Millionaire Tell Poor People They Can Live Without Food Aid


Bill Kristol's recent MSNBC's Morning Joe appearance and perspective have revealed a strong reason why the general public is losing faith in the GOP during this frustrating government shutdown.

A common conservative sentiment has been that the budget shutdown "won't be the end of the world," particularly if the shutdown is resolved by the debt ceiling deadline on Oct. 17. Krisol stated that: "Honestly, even if you're on nutrition assistance from the federal government … I believe that no one is going to starve in Arkansas because of the shutdown." 

Watch the video below:

Unfortunately it appears that Kristol believes that two weeks is not enough time for someone on food assistance from the government to feel the effects of budget restrictions. And whether or not the shutdown is resolved during the debt ceiling negotiations means little: no budget means the people still desperately dependent on government aid will still be left in the cold in the meantime.

Kristol's fairly harsh remarks followed Huffington Post reporter Sam Stein's observation that the delaying strategy utilized by Republicans may help their cause, but ultimately leaves 85,000 with no nutritional assistance and no education in places as rural and urban as Arkansas and Connecticut.

With no compromise in sight, the situation is only headed for a complete system crash.