Mountain Lion Roaming D.C. — Has the City Officially Gone Wild?


Wednesday night, a mountain lion was spotted in Washington, D.C., according to the Mayor’s Office. Here are the seven most likely reasons why. 

1. The Panda Needed a Diversion

When the panda cam turned off, the panda finally had its chance to escape. It let out the lion, so people would be distracted and focus on the lion roaming D.C., instead noticing the panda hopping the flight to Brazil.

2. It Was Upset By the Obamacare Website

The lion was fed up with being unable to work the Obamacare website, so it went for a relaxing stroll. Lions hate bureaucracy. 

3. It Had Free Time Because of the Government Shutdown

Due to the government shutdown, it killed time by going to a friend’s house. Instead of staying the night, it looked for a cab.

4. The Lion Didn't Want to be Blamed for the Shutdown

According to U.S. News, "Republicans may not get the lion's share of the blame for a shutdown showdown, after all." The lion was concerned he would be blamed for the government shutdown, as Republicans would not be receiving his portion of the blame. 

5. Unable to Visit the Lincoln Memorial, It Went for a Walk

After being unable to visit the Lincoln Memorial and with free time, both due to the government shutdown, it went for a long walk.

6. The Lion Wanted to Support the Veterans

The White House ordered the WWII memorial be closed to all, including veterans who had traveled thousands of miles to see it. The lion, upset, was on its way to protest. 

7. Like Every D.C. Nerd, The Lion Wanted to Watch Congress

The lion is no different from any other D.C. nerd. He just wanted to see see what was going on in Congress and tweet about it.