ALEC Dropped by Kraft, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Intuit In Response to the Trayvon Martin Case


ALEC, the conservative lobby group, has come under fire recently for its involvement in helping write the “Stand Your Ground Law.” In a piece I wrote about a year ago, I voiced my dissent of the way this group practices writing legislation as “model bills” for states to adopt. Many of these bills crowd out the voice of the majority in favor of mostly corporate interests. However, ALEC's model is finally coming under widespread pressure as big companies jump off of the ALEC ship, including the food stuffs behemoth, Kraft

Money only goes so far in the political landscape in America. The narrative can sometimes matter more to voters (and consumers). Even though many Americans have now come around to seeing ALEC's true color, it is sad it took the death of Trayvon Martin for people to notice. 

Moreover, Kraft does not find itself alone in dropping ALEC for its involvement in the legislation that arguably helped lead to the death of young Trayvon Martin. Coca-Cola has also taken the plunge off of the ALEC ship for the same reason. Again, it seems that the beverage giant is responding to pressure that it feels from possible customers who would disapprove of its involvement with such a shady group.

Similarly, PepsiCo has dropped its ALEC sponsorship, probably thinking it a smart move to follow suit with the other cola giant.

But that's not all, folks! Not only have Kraft, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo willingly walked the plank off of the pirate ship, Intuit has cannon balled after them as well, seemingly for similar reasons. With tax

All of these companies responding in such ways makes me quite aware of our collective power to influence such entities. In fact, in Wisconsin, a state known for its ALEC sponsored governor, a bill is under review that would expose all ALEC sponsors.

So, as the April 15  deadline approaches, let us all prepare our taxes, eat some tasty mac and cheese, and drink a nice cola to salute those companies courageous enough, or at least responsive enough to consumer demand, to drop a lobby group that epitomizes all that is wrong with the political climate here in America. Cheers!