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Has this been the longest week ever? Did Breaking Bad really only end five days ago?


In exciting new Culture section news, there’s a new kid on the block. Allow me to introduce our new publishing editor Ben Naddaff-Hafrey. Ben is a Harvard grad who comes to us direct from Nashville where he spent the summer writing a new album. (Check out his band Stonewall.) All you writers out there will be in touch with Ben on the daily – he will be the guy on track changes helping to edit your pieces. Say hi!

Shout Outs of the Week:

Shout out to long-time pundit Daniel Tanure whose piece The 5 Most Insanely Ambitious Book to Film Adaptations was featured on Salon.

Shout out to pundit Glenn Davis for leading us fearlessly through the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad with his stellar weekly recaps.

If you haven’t been checking out Julianne’s weekly movie guide, check it out! On Mondays she gives the PolicyMic community her recs on what to see, stream, and skip this week.

What Have You Been Up To?

Want the PolicyMic community to know about the show you’re in, the article you published, or the book you just wrote? E-mail me any achievements or announcements that you’d like shared out in the newsletter. I’ll be highlighting our pundits successes both on and offline, so send in your triumphs!

Culture Section Must-Reads of the Week:

7 Lorde Lyrics That Perfectly Capture What It’s Like to Be Young – (Sam Stryker, @sbstryker) – Move over, Miley and T-Swift, there's a new girl on the block: 16-year-old New Zealand native Lorde's debut album, "Pure Heroine," is smart, original, and spot-on.

This Artist Got Her First Camera at Age 48 – And Then Revolutionized Photography (Anne-Louise Brittain, @annelouisebritt) – Julia Margaret Cameron received her first camera at age 48, and became one of the most innovative photographers of her day. There's hope for us all.

How to Understand Art in 6 Easy Steps – (Angie Hartley) – Contemporary art may seem frustrating and baffling. Here's how to approach it.

An Inside Look at Writing For TV’s Boldest New Comedy – (Elena Sheppard, @eleshepp) – 'The Michael J. Fox Show' is the boldest new comedy of the season. PolicyMic interviewed TV writer Annie Mebane about writing for the series and how she broke into the business.

5 Movies That Would Make Amazing Broadway Musicals – (David Levesley, @abohemianisyou) – With 'Big Fish' opening on a Broadway stage this fall, we took a look at what other stories could do with a musical adaptation.

The Real Country Artists Behind the Hit Songs Of 'Nashville’ – (Autumn Harbison, @Fallmark18) – You didn't think Gunnar and Scarlett really wrote those songs ... or, did you?

This is What ‘The O.C.’ Looks Like on Turkish TV – (Aisha Babalakin) – Warner Bros. has become the first production company to partner with a Turkish television station and adapt an American show for a Middle Eastern audience.

5 California Bands That Prove the West Coast is Still the Best Coast – (Brent Crane, @bcamcrane) – These bands prove that when it comes to great music, the Golden State is still where it's at.

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