London Parents Stage Coolest Prank Ever in School Playground


Pupils at a London primary school were amazed to discover a UFO had seemingly crash-landed in their playground earlier this week.

Unfortunately, any UFO enthusiasts who thought this was finally indisputable proof of intelligent extraterrestrial lifeforms will have been sorely disappointed. The UFO turned out to be the cunning creation of a teacher, a parent, and a friendly London bobby. 

On Tuesday morning, as pupils began to file into North Harringay Primary School, they could see half a UFO still sticking out of the tarmac in their playground. A police officer stood on guard, and a forensic detective wearing protective clothing appeared to be taking samples. The children were allowed closer to the UFO themselves later in the day.

The purpose of the staged UFO crash was to inspire creativity in the children. The children spent the duration of the school day discussing what they thought had happened and writing, drawing, and making films inspired by the UFO.

Head teacher Helen Connor told The Independent: "A very talented parent, David Willshaw, built the space craft in a limited amount of time and kindly dressed as a forensic detective to help with the staging of the crash. A local Police officer, PC Glyn Kelly, also agreed to attend the scene to add to the mystery of the crash."

This has not been the first UFO crash landing in the grounds of a UK primary school, however. A similar event took place in York, in northern England, on the auspicious day of Friday, Sept. 13,last month. This was also arranged by teachers and parents, and involved drama students from a nearby secondary school to act as witnesses.

Clifton with Rawcliffe school's head teacher Chris Wiley said the event was to inspire children during a school-wide topic of learning about space.

The UK school year began in September, so there may be many more UFOs discovered on school playgrounds if the current trend holds any indications for the coming months.