3 Pairs Of Pants That Prove Netanyahu Doesn't Understand Iran


Ever since the 1970s, when Europeans or Americans have traveled around the Middle East, they rarely refer to Israel directly in conversation. They invented a codename "Disney Land" when referring to Israel. The use of this name has always been a mystery until Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stepped onto the scene. Armed with highly classified intelligence, as well as a "deep and meaningful" understanding of Iran, Netanyahu publicly charged that Iran was a "nuclear duck" in a 2012 speech to AIPAC, which was later converted into this music video.

Determined to show that his knowledge of Iran goes beyond atomic poultry, Netanyahu gave an interview to BBC Persian last Thursday. He warned that if Iran obtained nuclear weapons, the regime would be "immortal" like North Korea. He also stressed his belief that the Iranian people "deserve better," telling the BBC that if Iran were truly free rather than being subject to the cultish rule of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, young Iranians would be able to wear jeans, listen to Western music, and participate in free elections.

"If they had a free go, are you kidding, they'd toss out this regime, they’d go in blue jeans.".

However, Netanyahu's attempt at Hasbara (Hebrew for public diplomacy or PR) with the youth of Iran appears to have backfired. No sooner had Netanyahu finished his interview than young Iranians took to social media sites and set-up the hashtangs #Jeans and #Iranjeans, where they posted pictures of themselves in jeans.


The pictures all had messages directed at Netanyahu. One picture was from an Iranian woman who took pictures of her wardrobe also she tweeting, "Hi @netanyahu welcome to my room." Other pictures included four Iranian women sitting in a line all wearing jeans and Iranians standing in public places wearing jeans.


Various comments were posted too. One read "Ha ha Netanyahu doesn't know Iranian wear jeans. How does he know Iran is making nuclear bombs?" And "#Netanyahu has no idea what ppl in #IRAN do in public; how he can be so sure he has accurate info of what's going on in secret N bunkers?"


Young Iranians have many worries. The country has high unemployment, which is made worse by American-imposed sanctions. On top of this there is the constant threat of war made by Israel at Iran.

But it appears that not being able to wear jeans is not among the worries Iranians have. However, to argue that Netanyahu is out of touch, as some have suggested, would be wrong. After all, he did alert us to the nuclear ducks that the fiendish Iranian regime was producing.