The Latest Proof the Sochi Olympics Have Some Seriously Bad Vibes


The first bout of superstition has hit the upcoming Sochi Olympics through a bad omen as the Olympic flame literally extinguished upon route to the Kremlin. The flame, which is never supposed to go out, blew out as the man running with the flame entered a wind tunnel. To keeps things classy, it was immediately re-lit with a cigarette lighter. It's not exactly the best start for the upcoming games.

Watch the embarrassing debacle below:

The flame was supposed to travel all across Russia after having initially been lit in Greece. For most of that time, the flame is kept in a lantern. The lantern is usually removed when on foot with runners, due to the lack of circumstances for it to go out. This is, of course, a bad idea if the runner chooses to enter a wind tunnel. In the carrier's defense, it was a clearly a wind tunnel with smokers at the end. You'd think it wouldn't be that windy.

Perhaps this is really a bad omen? If you're not superstitious though, fear not, there are plenty of real-life precursors for awkwardness and disaster. Hint, they're all Putin's policies.

Your Olympics probably won't be totally perfect if you have the following: a ban on all things gay (seriously), a punk rocker that went on a hunger strike because that's preferable to their prison conditions, an op-ed in America that would never appear in Russian print, and that whole buddy-buddy relationship with Syria. There's also that NSA contractor asylum to sweeten the deal for America.

With all these real-life kerfuffles, it's about time for one good old bout of superstition. Regardless of how Sochi goes, there's no denying that relationships might extinguish, not just the Olympic flame.