Offers Free Sex Toys to Federal Employees Having a Bumpy Ride


For the many employees furloughed as a result of the government shutdown, one Detroit-based company is offering a way to help pass the time. is offering 200 free vibrators a day until the end of the shutdown to any federal employee "deemed non-essential." This high-rated product, which comes in a classy pink, is quiet, powerful, and "forever emblazoned" with the company logo so you will "forever remember" their generosity. Additionally, the website guarantees confidentiality, as well as discreet, non-revealing packaging. And to top it all off, free shipping! How can anyone resist such an amazing deal?

Okay, seriously now, kudos to for clever marketing and advertising, but let's be real, they're taking advantage of a very sensitive time for their own shameless self-promotion. While the website's product specialist claims this deal is to help federal employees "relieve stress and create satisfaction," the website doesn't even check if the people taking advantage of this deal are actually furloughed employees (although the product description does claim "karma" will come around to anyone who is lying). Therefore, there is no difference from this deal than the free samples and giveaways other companies do to attract more customers. has already met their 200 a day limit for Monday, October 7, so apparently people are very interested in this deal. And if these products are really going to furloughed employees, then good for them, but honestly, a good number of the orders are probably pouring in from people who like free stuff. So congratulations,, you attracted a lot of attention these past few days with your "generosity." You probably haven't helped a good amount of actual furloughed employees, but that wasn't the plan to begin with, was it?