Don't Think There's a Liberal Bias On TV? You Need to Watch This SNL Skit


On Saturday Night Live this past weekend, host Miley Cyrus enlightened us with an utterly repulsive rendering of her recent single “We Can’t Stop.” This time, SNL’s ever-so-talented Taran Killam graced us with his portrayal of an effeminate John Boehner, with Miley by his side playing a classless (to say the least) Michele Bachmann.

The skit, “We did Stop,” parodied the government shutdown and subsequently mocked the furloughs of nearly one million government employees, all while blaming the House GOP for the ordeal with a hyper-sexualized Boehner and Bachmann rejoicing with champagne and “twerking.“

After seeing a few seconds of the clip, I turned away. (Granted, I gave up on SNL once Molly Shannon abandoned ship.) My friends snickered uncomfortably, not really understanding what it all meant but understanding that John Boehner licking other men was funny. Right? Wrong.

I had the pleasure of interning for Speaker Boehner this past summer and those of my friends who put two and two together have been asking me what I have to say about the clip. My response boils down to a dramatic eye roll. I wish I could say I was surprised.

Audience members who enjoy SNL but don't really follow politics would have no way of knowing, based on the skit, that the government did not shut down because of any of the reasons listed in the rendition’s flowery lyrics.

But, that is no surprise. Saturday Night Live is meant to entertain, not educate (contrary to popular belief). So, how did last week's skit come about? At what I hope was their wit’s end, the writers of Saturday Night Live decided to emasculate Speaker Boehner for an easy laugh. Liberals have no problem slamming the GOP for being the party of intolerance then creating skits that emasculate Speaker Boehner and mock homosexuality altogether. The hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me.

So, no. The government did not shut down because John Boehner and Michele Bachmann were busy having an orgy with Uncle Sam. And no, homosexuality is not a form of sexual deviance, contrary to the music video’s portrayal. And no, the speaker is not gay. In fact, he is happily married to Debbie Boehner, with whom he has two daughters.

Ultimately, the writers of SNL thought painting a straight man as gay was an unmatchable condemnation. With no apparent reserve ammo, those who champion tolerance and any and all things “non-Republican” stooped so low as to mock 4% of the American population. Nice.