This 11-Year-Old Dancing to Lady Gaga's Applause is Exactly What The World Needs Right Now


The government shutdown has no end in sight, the fiscal cliff could impact our interest rates for decades, there's no more more panda cam and Miley Cyrus and Terry Richardson still exist. Let's face it, the news cycle is really a downer these days.

This where 11-year-old Sean Lew comes in. The boy has been dancing since the age of 4 and was filmed practicing a routine choreographed by Miguel Zarate. What started out as a regular dance recital turned amazing when the little boy totally stole the show. He may be the only boy in the class, but he didn't let small detail that get in his way.

Watching this performance will instantly make you feel very self-aware every time you dance to any Lady Gaga song in the future. You've been warned.

Can anyone send this to President Obama and John Boehner so that they can watch it together? Who wouldn't be able to reconcile their differences after experiencing so much dance magic?

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Via: The Daily Grind

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