You Could Be the Writer PolicyMic's New Vertical is Looking For


Raise your hand if you’re tired of old media publications ignoring or disparaging you, the realities of your life, and the issues you care about.

Us, too. That’s why we’re launching PolicyMic Identities, a vertical dedicated to examining the intersections of sexuality, gender, class and race in politics and culture for the millennial generation.

Millennials are an incredibly diverse bunch, and we experience the world in different ways based on our respective identities. At PolicyMic Identities, we aim to feature articles as thoughtful, complex, and unique as the stories of our generation. We offer commentary on pressing social and political issues from a fresh vantage point. We examine what it’s like to be a white woman of color, explore what it means to be a male feminist, talk back to the pope as a young gay man, and reflect on how Abercrombie & Fitch failed you and other homeless youth.

Identities is currently seeking new smart writers who are interested in writing stories like these. We’re looking for the best and brightest writers who are well-acquainted with the news cycle and who can write about timely issues in politics and culture from a fresh perspective. This is an unpaid position, but paid opportunities are available for writers who excel in this role.

Ideal candidates are: 

+ Passionate and/or an expert in issues related to race, gender, sexuality, and class

+ Eager to share a fresh perspective from a unique and personal lens

+ Plugged into the news cycle and care deeply about political and/or cultural topics

+ Open to incorporating multimedia (video, GIFs, photos, memes, etc.) in article

+ Active on social media and digitally-savvy

+ Able to write on a weekly basis

To apply: 

Email Caira Conner ( with the following:

* A quick note about you, your expertise, and what makes you perfect for PolicyMic Identities

* Your résumé

* A 500-word writing sample (bonus points for anything published online)

* Three article ideas you think would fit well at PolicyMic Identities