Unsuspecting People Walk Into a Coffee Shop, And Witness Something Even New Yorkers Have Never Seen


When you live in New York, you've pretty much heard and seen everything. I've literally been simultaneously stepped on, hit on, and accidently spit on all at once and that was on a good day.

But, check out what happened when this East Village coffee shop took weird to the absolute next level.

Full disclaimer, this spooky prank is actually a (pretty clever) advertismenent for the new Carrie movie and actually confirms how important it is that I never see this movie. 

My favorite part is when the tough construction guy looks like he's going to step in, but then rightfully totally chickens the hell out. I also love that poppy seed bagel guy doesn't throw his bagel on the floor until the very last moment, when it's clear in his eyes that he thinks the apocalypse is here.

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