Jon Stewart Gives Republicans the Scolding They Deserve


Eight days into the shutdown of the federal government, Jon Stewart is losing his patience with the Republican Party's refusal to take ownership of the situation. On Tuesday's episode of The Daily Show, Stewart showed a series of clips of Republican lawmakers blaming the Democratic Party and President Obama for the shutdown.

To further illustrate his point, Stewart also played part of a recent interview in which Republican House Speaker John Boehner admits the Republicans backed out of a deal with the Democrats because "the threat of Obamacare was so extreme" and "it was time to take a stand." To this, Stewart responded:

"Look, you think Obamacare's a big enough threat to this country that you need to shut down the government over it, fine. Own it. Don't fart and point at the dog."

He called out the Republican Party on their ridiculous lies, and thank God he did. At this point, yelling at the Republican congressmen is not just a viable option, but it may be the only option. This Republicans' temper tantrum has disenfranchised the American people and left us with little more than the catharsis of Jon Stewart's outbursts.