This is the Most Expensive House Ever Sold in the U.S.


America’s most expensive home is now on sale for the first time in a century: a $190,000,000 Greenwich, Connecticut estate built in 1898.

The house itself is a little small. With just 12 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a paneled library, elaborate dining room, solarium, and wine cellar, the house leaves some things to be desired. Not to mention that the sleeping porches are not accompanied by awake porches. However, there is a lot of space to add the essentials. A new extension with a full spa and elective surgery suite? Or maybe a 50-meter ball pit for the children?

The property has 50 acres of waterfront and two islands. Of course, the great thing about private islands is the sky is the limit for development. Do you want to build a play house that is a scale model of Alcatraz? This house will let you do it.

Other features include a stone carriage house with clock tower, a three-bedroom gatehouse, a six-car garage, multiple greenhouses, a pool and pool house, a grass tennis court, and an apple orchard.

Still not satisfied? It’s important to remember that there are no limits in the world of opulent living. If you dream it, you can build it. Everything seems reasonable to a bored person with unlimited time and money.