Millennials Should Exempt Themselves and Opt Out of Obamacare


At Generation Opportunity, we're flattered that PolicyMic writer Stephen Calabria was so taken with our Opt Out of Obamacare campaign, that he decided to showcase our work on Capitol Hill. According to a piece published at this website by the aforementioned author, he asked 41 House members if they had seen our pair of ads (which garnered over 3 million views combined on YouTube in a little over two weeks). The conclusion Calabria draws is that because 24 Republican politicians either hadn't seen our ads or had no particular opinion on them, that our campaign has been ineffective. What Mr. Calabria seemingly fails to recognize is that the last thing we're seeking is approval from elected officials. After all, politicians don't need to opt out of Obamacare – they already get special subsidies, and so do their staffers.