5 Top Law Schools Where You Get the Most Bang For Your Buck


With unemployment still above precession levels, many millennials are considering furthering their education while the economy recovers from the worst economic crisis since the great depression.

Law school has historically been seen as a gateway to wealth and prestige in America. However, many people applying for law school may not be aware of the poor employment prospects many lawyers face upon graduation.

Competition for spots at the nation's top law firms is fierce, with graduates from top programs often times receiving preference over high performing students at lower tier schools. Generally, if you are not enrolled at a top ranked institution, it is usually more difficult to find employment outside of the region you are studying. Considering law school's cost and time commitment, it is important to carefully consider the return on investment. If you are  considering applying, here is a list of 5 programs you may want to check out.

1. University of Virginia School of Law

The University of Virginia School of Law has one of the nation's top JD programs. Over 98% of 2012 graduates found employment by graduation with median salaries of  $112,500. The $25,000 median grant amount for student receiving grants is the largest in the nation.

2. The University of Texas School of Law

Instate tuition for the University of Texas School of Law is one of the cheapest for comparatively ranked programs. With 62% of 2012 graduates finding work by graduation with median salaries over $100,000, the University of Texas School of Law prepares students well for entering the legal world. 

3. The Law School at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

With in-state tuition less than $40,000 and and 73.8% of students receiving median grants totals of $18,000, University of Minnesota students seem to be getting a good return on investment. Median private sector starting salaries were $102,000 for 2012 graduates

4. The School of Law at University of Alabama

In-state tuition at the School of Law at University of Alabama is a little under $20,000, nearly half the price for similarly ranked programs. With over 95% of 2012 graduates being employed or pursuing an advanced degree within 9 months of graduation, the University of Alabama is a great value.

5. Indiana University Maurer School of Law

With an in-state price tag of a little under $30,000, and over 96% of students receiving a median grant amount of over $18,000, The Maurer School of Law is a high ranking reasonably priced JD program.