New Website Fulfills Your Dream Of Drunk Dialing Congress


In the small chance that the government shutdown has left you feeling disappointed, angry, or unhappy because you're worried about whether you'll have food on your table or be able to enjoy a nice walk in a national park, don't fret! Kick back, relax, enjoy a drink, drunk-dial a congressman and let them know you feel. Whether it's logical or nonsensical banter you manage to get past that third glass of scotch, this new site, DrunkDialCongress, helps your voice and slurred words be heard.

Simply write in your phone number, after which you'll get a call from a drunk-sounding guy slurring a pep-talk about how great drunk dialing is. You'll then be connected to a random member of Congress. Then it's your moment to shine. Break a leg (of course, only if you're insured).

DrunkDialCongress even offers you talking points and drink recipes like 'The Fancy Statesmen' or 'The Sleepy Senator.'  Don't worry, alcohol and running the government has gone hand-in-hand for years. Just ask our Founding Fathers!