Out as Trans: Your National Coming Out Day Survival Guide


Consider the following to be a quilt of advice stitched together from dozens in your same situation. Wrap yourself up in this security blanket and make your coming out day, whenever it is, the warmest, safest experience possible.

1. Wait until you are ready

The team at LGBT Youth Scotland have a solid 40-page guide with the good reminder to "be sure that you want to come out rather than feeling you have to." Your family, your professors, your friends, you lover of five years: none of these people are entitled to your private life, unless and until you decide they are. You can only come out to someone once, so give yourself the space and time you need to answer your own questions before you have people in your life pressuring you for answers now.

2. Be confident

TransBareAll via the NHS suggests that you make contact with other people in your position. "If you know people who would understand, you'll be in a better position to tell others.”

3. Have a plan

Confidence comes from having a plan in place. Unfortunately, this means you have to get into the mindset of assuming the worst. It might dent your confidence at first to think that your parents will disown you, but it will build it up to know that you have: somewhere else to live, a job, a support network.

4. Things to keep in mind

Keep a steady tone and a calm demeanor throughout the conversation, even if you have to fake it.

5. Resources

HRC and Susan's have extensive information on coming out in the work place.