Ron Paul is Right: Government Uses Coercion to Deny Our Pursuit of Happiness


There is a serious flaw in liberal ideology that most liberals either do not understand or pretend does not exist. 

The impetus of the liberal ideology comes from their misinterpretation of five very important words from our Declaration of Independence. Those words are "all men are created equal." The misinterpretation comes from the word equal. Liberals believe that the word "equal" means "equal results." The true meaning of the word equal is equal opportunity. In other words, no one should get in the way by means of subversion, coercion, or force to deny anyone the opportunity to the pursuit of happiness as long as they themselves are not subverting, coercing, or forcing (in essence hurting) anyone else.

The idea conflicts with the Fifth Amendment where it states "nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." To interpret equal as meaning equal results flies in the face of a having a right to your body, the fruits of your labor, and your property. 

The very notion that "all men should have equal results" denies people this God-given right. If people should have equal results that means that people of less means have more rights than those of more means. If this is applied, people will have equal results in material things but the cost will be that some people will have property taken from them. 

The liberal ideology condones theft. Equally opportunity supports universally preferred behavior. Equal results ideology results in immoral behavior. Therefore, this ideology is immoral because it literally demands that some class of people do not deserve the same rights as other people.