'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Premiere: 4 Reasons 'Breaking' Bad Fans Should Tune In


It's over. It's done. Let it go, you are never going to see another episode of Breaking Bad. Just let it all out, it's a hard pill to swallow and it's going to take a while to a adjust to a universe without Walter White and Company. 

Sure Better Call Saul is in the works, and even though Bob Odenkirk is amazing—and has been the best comedic presence on television since Mr. Show—you know in your heart that it won't be the same. So what can you do? How can you fill that Blue Sky hole in your heart? Maybe it's time to give Revolution a try; maybe you heard that Betrayal was, in fact, a television show. Don't waste your time. It's time to make your relationship with AMC a little more exclusive. The two of you have spent the better part of 6 years together. You first met because of the dapper Don Draper, and the love only grew stronger when Walter White entered the relationship. But now you're a little worried. Walter is gone and Mad Men is about to go away to. Is it time to end things with AMC?

The answer is no, AMC still has one more gem for you. The ring to cement your bond for all eternity. That gem is The Walking Dead.

I know what you are about to say: "Is that the show where a bunch of people sit in a barn and talk out their problems Gossip Girl style?" Well it was, but that was Season 2, and this is Season 4 and things have changed. 

The melodrama is all but gone, it's been replaced by ultra-violence and more Daryl Dixon (which is always a good thing). Season 3 of The Walking Dead was the most violent, scary, gruesome, gory, uncomfortable, zombie-est, leg-chopping-off-est season of television ever. Remember how everyone hated Skylar on Breaking Bad? While she totally redeemed herself at the end of Season 5, if she had been on The Walking Dead she wouldn't have made it through the first season. The Walking Dead will kill off any character that fans hate for legitimate reasons (i.e. being poorly written, poorly acted, etc.) and moves on with the show... it's fantastic. It's time for you to hop on the Walking Dead train. But just in case that wasn't enough, here are 4 concrete reasons to watch Season 4 of The Walking Dead on Sunday the 13th, it's almost as scary as Friday the 13th, but it's a lot more accessible. 

1. Daryl Dixon

In Breaking Bad you came to expect quality characters in droves. I know that Walter White was amazing, he was complex and multi-faceted and grew great facial hair, but it is time to move on. There are other complex characters on television, albeit with worse facial hair.

Daryl Dixon is the most complex character on The Walking Dead, but you don't care about that. You just focus on the fact that if you looked up the definition of badass in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary you would see Daryl Dixon's face scowling at you. Daryl is the guy with the crossbow and the motorcycle, and you respect that. He is the antithesis of all of the interpersonal drama that happens on the show. When there is too much talking and too little zombie killing goodness, rest assured that Daryl is your man.

2. More Anti-Heroes Than You Can Count

You are a connoisseur of fine television. You watched The WireThe Sopranos, and Breaking Bad, and you know that the best thing about those shows were the anti-heroes ... the morally ambiguous lead character that could win your heart and then crush it. However, most shows only ever feature one anti-hero. The Walking Dead remedied this problem by making everyone an anti-hero. 

"Really?" You may ask, "everyone is an anti-hero? I doubt that." Well stow your cynicism and look at the ensemble. The ex-sheriff trying to protect his family ... anti-hero. The mysterious woman with a samurai sword ... anti-hero. The young boy trying to survive while challenging the masculinity of his father ... anti-hero! The one-legged elderly veterinarian ... alright, maybe not him, but you get the idea.

3. Zombies! As if you didn't know!

Just in case everyone forgot, this show is about a zombie apocalypse! It is not for the faint of heart. There are decapitations, biting, scratching, bullet wounds, gore, stab wounds, throat tearing, eye stabbing, and hyper-violence in every episode. The Walking Dead is so violent that it reminds everyone that actually living in a zombie apocalypse would be really awful, so it's better just to watch fictional characters try to do it. It may not be methamphetamine production, but it's still pretty awesome.

Just in case you can't watch the montage. In Season 3, 297 zombies were killed. That's just one season!

4. Daryl Dixon and Carl Dancing

They have fun, and it's pretty amazing. Just look at that joy.

Watch The Walking Dead this Sunday, it's going to be great.

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