'SNL' Bruce Willis Hosting: The 5 Best Sketches of the Night


SNL has hit the 3rd episode of the season and, frankly, there wasn’t a lot riding on it. It’s nice to see Bruce Willis doing things other than Die Hard films and Katy Perry gives it her all, making for a solid if not particularly memorable episode. There were some highlights—like when we got to see Willis play harmonica and Perry dance in a sexy jungle while singing “Roar” (which everyone loves, right?). And while I’m not entirely sure what was happening with Brooks Whalen during Weekend Update, I liked it a lot. But, of course, SNL is all about the sketches. Here are the top 5 of the night.

1. Sigma Rush Beer Pong Rules

This was surprisingly cute! It managed to be fun and unexpected without relying too heavily on a single actor doing something silly. It was a solid little sketch about the more cuddly side of rushing a frat. (Side note: I wrote down “buttons are hard” while watching this sketch, but I can’t recall why. I’m putting it out there, just in case it means something to someone.)

2. Centauri Vodka Launch Party

This was another super simple but very solid sketch. Willis dressed as the front half of a centaur being pretty sure that Randy, the back half, couldn't breathe made for for some great physical comedy from newcomer John Milhiser. Though the sketch suffered a bit from wanting to reference pop culture in a way that felt unnecessary, it was also the first time I’ve felt like I had something in common with Val Kilmer. So I guess that subgame served a purpose.

3. 24-hour Energy: For Dating Actresses

This one was very funny, but I also hated myself a little for loving it because [something something] feminism and, as someone with a theater degree, [something something] normal people… but who cares. Actresses are nuts. I should call my boyfriend and thank him for his patience.

4. Boy Dance Party

It seems SNL is trying to do the Lonely Island thing sans the Lonely Island, and will never do as good a job as the Lonely Island would. But the sketch still doesn't deserved to be thrown on the ground—anything featuring a boogying Bruce Willis is fine by me. Also, I hope boysreally do have secret boys-only dance parties. That would be adorable.

5. Gravity in the Furlough

This was the cold open and the best sketch of the night. It was a smart, funny bit combining two trending topics, and Kate MacKinnon was fantastic as a Ukrainian maid. 

But enough said. Watch the episode yourself and let me know what sketches topped your list!