This Principal Had a Pledge Of Allegiance "Shutdown," and the Response Was Outrage

Patrick Jones in a black shirt and grey tie in a school hall

Despite its mostly unknown (or forgotten) origins, the Pledge of Allegiance is an integral part of school life in the U.S. And by considering the severe reaction over its cancellation last week in a Nebraska school, you could almost say it is a vital part of life.

Patrick Jones, principal at the Alliance High School in the Nebraska Panhandle, decided to cancel the Pledge of Allegiance recitation because of the government shutdown so students would start talking about it. The school's superintendent Troy Unzicker, a veteran, does approve of the conversation Jones started. The Pledge will not be skipped again. Jones did not even talk of his decision before applying it.

Indeed, not only would the school be at risk of losing its public funds and recognition for violating a state law, but there was also a torrent of negative reactions to this “shutdown.” A Nebraska newspapers reports that a student was so outraged by not reciting the Pledge that he did it anyway. The superintendent has also received many comments from parents, almost all negative.

So this conversation starter might cause Jones to face disciplinary measures. All that for canceling the recitation of a mindless oath the country managed to do without for its first century that is nothing more than big-government propaganda. Let's hope people come to their senses before reverting back to the original salute.