Conservatives Will Bemoan the Evils Of Obamacare to 2017 and Beyond


Mike Needham, CEO of conservative advocacy organization Heritage Action, knows that repealing Obamacare is unfeasible. On Fox News's America's Newsroom, Needham said, "Everybody understands that we're not going to be able to repeal this law until 2017, and that we have to win the Senate and we have to win the White House." Despite this, Needham and Heritage Action simply won't let it go. They cite the will of the American people as evidence that they need to continue fighting Obamacare. Watch the interview below:

Rather than acknowledging that repealing Obamacare is unfeasible, Heritage Action forwarded a memo to House Republicans urging them to vote against a proposal to increase the debt ceiling because the bill "did not do enough to stop Obamacare." Some suggest that this memo was instrumental in shutting down the proposal on Tuesday evening. They've already acknowledged that stopping Obamacare is not possible. They are advocating for a perpetual shutdown.

Furthermore, there no evidence indicating the American people don't want Obamacare. When asked about the influence Heritage Action has in the House, Needham responded that "many members are listening to their constituents." However, Obamacare is gradually gaining favor among the American people despite the shutdown. A recent poll shows that 38% of people view Obamacare favorably. This is a 7-point increase from last month. Only 43% of those polled view Obamacare unfavorably. The American people remain split in their opinion. In contrast, the same poll shows that Republicans only have a 24% approval rating from the American people, with 53% blaming Republicans for the shutdown.

At best, the current House actions demonstrate that Republicans are horribly out of touch with the American people. At worst, they demonstrates that Heritage Action has undue influence in the House. Either way, it seems we'll be hearing Republicans extol the evils of Obamacare for at least another four years.