5 Inspiring Images From Texas's "Walk A Mile In Her Shoes" Anti-Rape Protest


Rape is terrifying. Rape is soul wrenching. Often, a crime can become so massively problematic, so taboo, so utterly, horrendously, viciously committed that everyone — from victim, to prosecutor, and everyone else witnessing the story — can suddenly feel their efforts at hope, optimism and proactive drive are overwhelmingly hopeless.

But then in a moment of human selflessness and reflection, we see people come together in an event like the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes march. This Tuesday, the men of El Paso, Texas joined hands and heels with their significant others to march in protest against a prevalent culture of rape, sexual assault and gender violence.

Dawning bright red high heels and shirts announcing "I am man enough!", people young and old, fit and not-so-fit, firefighters, soldiers, businessmen, boyfriends and girlfriends, brought joy to the collaborative effort of this event, spreading awareness of an issue so very far from being solved.

Here are five inspiring images from that march.

*All image credits attributed to the El Paso Times and the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes El Paso Facebook Page.