Florida Teen Tweets Selfie With Pregnant Teacher "Going Into Labor"


Florida high school student Malik Whiter has gone bonkers viral to the tune of 20,000+ retweets after posting a selfie while his pregnant teacher was experiencing contractions.

Millennials, man. Millennials.

The teacher, Susana Halleck, was on the phone telling her mother the situation was under control. (And it turned out that she wasn't going into labor just yet as well.)

There's so much to love here, from Whiter's sheer joy and winning smile to his teacher's "Oh my god I cannot have a baby in math class" expression. The image is already inspiring parodies of Whiter taking selfies at what might charitably be described as inappropriate times (credits to Gawker commenters):

And of course this happened in Florida, America's unsecured junk. Because where else?