Tea Party Leader Calls For Class Action Lawsuit Against Homosexuals

Pastor Rick Scarborough who call for class action lawsuit against homosexuals
ByKamran Rosen

Tea Party Unity chairman and founder Rick Scarborough has called for a "class action lawsuit" against homosexuals.

That's right, Scarborough made the comment during a conversation with Peter LaBarbera, president of the group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. LaBarbera, who is heard first on the clip, begins by saying conservative media should drop the whole "pro-gay thing."

"We need to work on our conservative, alternate media and say, ‘Look, don’t do the pro-gay thing, why don’t you rather step out and support these ex-gays?" LaBarbera said. "We should all get on Fox and say, ‘Come on, tell these stories, these wonderful stories of happy men and women who have left the homosexual lifestyle.”

Scarborough, however, was quick to remind everyone of his harsher approach to treating homosexuality in the America. “Peter, the whole issue of a class action lawsuit, you and I have talked about this a little bit, I just wonder if you’ve explored that, talked to anyone about it."

The proposed lawsuit would be based on the negative health benefits associated with homosexuality. It would aim to target counselors and others who encouraged kids to "just be gay," when those kids went on to contract HIV.

"[S]tatistically now, even the Center for Disease Control verifies that homosexuality much more likely leads to AIDS, then smoking leads to cancer," claims Scarborough. “And yet the entire nation has rejected smoking, billions of dollars are put into a trust fund to help cancer victims and the tobacco industry was held accountable for that."

“Yeah, I think that’s great,” LaBarbera said of the lawsuit. “I would love to see it. But we never really got the client for that.”

Scarborough is a former pastor and viewed by many to be the current value voter leader for the right wing. He has openly declared his support for "voting biblically" and heads the group Vision America in addition to Tea Party Unity.