7 Halloween Costumes Your Favorite Politicians Should Wear


Congress was finally able to agree on terms for temporarily funding the government through early 2014. Effects of the shutdown that have yet to fully manifest themselves may change the way some legislator's are viewed by their constituents. With Halloween right around the corner, here are seven costume suggestions that fit some of these individuals' new image.

1. Mitch McConnell: Toby the Turtle from Disney's Robin Hood


Many of you might recognize this Kentucky Senator because of his striking similarity to a certain amphibious creature. McConnell also happens to be a seasoned Republican legislator who played a vital role in solving the recent budget impasse. However as Lucia Graves' recent National Journal article suggests, McConnell's late heroics developed at a tortoise's pace.

2. Rand Paul: Pinnochio


Kentucky's other senator has been making quite a name for himself after getting elected in 2010. Although not a totally rare political occurrence, Paul's less than accurate statements about Obamacare may cause some to begin taking what he says with a grain of salt.

3. Ted Cruz: Don Quixote


Cervantes' tale of an idealistic nobleman draws parallels with the freshman Senator from Texas. For one, the futility of the main character's quest causes him to return to obscurity dying soon after, potentially from humiliation. While some may see Cruz as a hero, the country at large may soon have other choice words for the freshman senator.

4. Susan Collins: Wonder Woman


This senator from Maine and a bipartisan group of her female colleagues were able to get the ball rolling on a plan that would eventually bring the shutdown to a close. If anyone deserves to dress up as the bullet-deflecting and lasso-wielding superhero this year, its Senator Collins.

5. President Obama: Derrick Rose


Coming off the best season of his career, capped off by being voted league MVP, Rose struggled with injuries the next year that frustrated his grand ambitions. President Obama has also experienced some rocky times since being reelected. Despite many now questioning their abilities, both Rose and President Obama still have time left to further cement their legacies.

6. Harry Reid: Jake Lamotta


People have been questioning Senator Reid's toughness for some time now. But like Lamotta, former middleweight champion and inspiration for one of the greatest movies ever made, Reid, himself a former boxer, has been able to survive tremendous punishment and not back down when it mattered most.

7. John Boehner: Gizmo from the movie Gremlins


Some might be too young to remember this 80's classic. Essentially, the main character Billy gets the small furry creature Gizmo, who begins spawning several over less friendly gremlins. These other gremlins are hostile with Gizmo and begin rampaging throughout town. Some might be able to draw similarities between this movie and Rep. Boehner's speakership