The Problem With Drake Memes


Hip-hop is often misogynistic, so you'd think people would find Drake's more emo variety refreshing. He's not afraid to show his sensitive side, but other people sure are afraid to see it.

If you search "Drake memes" right now, what comes up is an endless array of images of Drake’s face with lines plastered across them such as: "Drake the type of guy to safely eject a USB stick; who reminds the teacher that the class had homework."

Basically, Drake is maligned for being overzealous. But why?

When he expanded his subject range in his album, a writer commented "But, of course, Drake does get a little emo on 'Take Care,' whining about his fame and sounding like a desperate lover. The most obvious example comes through on 'Marvin's Room,' a whiny drunk dial of a song."

This is the flip side of sexism's effect on women. Sure, if you're a man you can be in love but you can’t express those feelings openly and passionately. Break-up? Rebound. Don't let anyone know how you feel. If you do you're "whining."


Society shames males when they do not act tough, aggressive, and emotionally repressed. When males do not conform to stereotypical male behavior and they are shamed, and Drake is shamed more than most rappers.

In an interview, Drake acknowledges that while there‘s a "victorious sentiment" in it, he’s "so sick of people saying that I'm like lonely and emotional, and associating me with this like longing for a woman. I hate that... 'cause I do make music that makes you feel something," Daring to be a sensitive man is a brave act. In his post for the Good Men Project, one man highlights his struggle: "I remain haunted by the dilemma that has plagued me through childhood. How can I be sensitive and be a man?"

By being both. Talking about feelings doesn’t make men any less manly..

There isn’t a distinct and static line between male and female qualities.

Maybe if people stop making fun of Drake for who he isn't, they'd see him for who he is: an amazing rapper.