After Ann Romney 'Mommy Wars' Comment, Hilary Rosen Admits 'War On Women' Is Phony


Now that the "war on women," "mommy wars" and all the absurd gender divisions fabricated by a failed Obama administration seem to be backfiring, it is almost comical to read tweets from Team Obama scolding former Democratic “good girl” Hilary Rosen for following the very same narrative of division set forth by Obama's reelection team.

Poor Rosen, she must have thought, “Why stop at dividing, when you can sub-divide?” For Obama’s official or unofficial operatives, apparently it is no longer enough to slice voters between male and female, rich and poor, etc. Now, it is also imperative to create a division between female voters between those who stay-at-home and those who go out and work. What’s next, suburban vs. urban stay-at-home dads, chipmunks vs. squirrel lovers? Give me a break!

I can’t decide which is more comical: Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, scrambling to say that he knows “like three people with the name Hilary Rosen” when inquired about the White House’s visitor log books, or Rosen herself accusing the Obama boys of “playing politics” by disowning her in light of her unfortunate commentary. Too bad Easter is already gone, because this whole affair would have made for an on-point re-enactment of story of Judas disowning Jesus.

If this is the most comical moment of this "war on women" affair, the most tragicomical is any of one Hilary Rosen’s many apologies (one clumsier than the previous one) of “let’s declare peace in this phony war.” Did she just admit the so-called Republican “war on women” is phony? Wow, I wonder what Rachel Maddow would say about that on her MSNBC show.

I expect President Obama to deliver one of his signature speeches at any moment now. One of his “let’s raise above the fray and walk on water” addresses with which the then young presidential candidate sought to quell national controversies generated by race back in 2008-09. But, will it work this time?

Watch White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s “I know three Hilary Rosens” video below.