'What Does the Fox Say' Duo's New Video is a Hilarious Ode to Massachusetts

Ylvis, the duo behind the most educational viral video of the year, is back with a new single: "Massachusetts."

This ode to the Bay State is probably the greatest tourism ad New England has ever seen. As someone who spent the first 22 years of her life living in this storied land of presidents, this bastion of higher education, this home to enthusiastic drivers with lilting accents, I can vouch for the validity of lyrics like:



"Sometimes I watch The Lion King and I cry when Mufasa dies."

It gets pretty weird by the end via some regrettable gay jokes that take it out of the running for new state anthem, but it's definitely worth a watch.

So, citizens of Suffolk County, Haverhill, and Attleboro; men named Steve, John, Mark, Christopher, Tom, Teddy, or Bruce; and lovers of the Pru and subways that stop running at midnight, watch this video and rejoice in the glory of the most magical place on Earth.

Update 10/23: For reasons apparently unbeknownst to both TV Norge and YouTube, the video has been removed. YouTube is reportedly working to fix the problem; here is a backup in the meantime.

Update 2:04pm: Official video is back!