Secret Service Sex Scandal, Hilary Rosen-gate, and Five Obama Mistakes That Will Hurt Him in 2012


President Obama, his aides, and the Democratic party have made some serious missteps recently. Together, they might make Obama's chances against Romney just a little less one-sided. Here are the top 5:



1. Rosengate. 

Hilary Rosen, a paid pundit for CNN, a Democratic lobbyist and strategist and an advisor to the Democratic National Committee said Ann Romney never worked a day in her life. This comment has created a firestorm. Mrs. Romney has raised several boys, battled disease, serves on many eleemosynary organizations, and supported her husband's business and political ambitions for years. Certainly, she deserves more respect from Ms. Rosen, who is a mom herself. This brouhaha diverts attention from the Obama contention that Republicans are anti-women, a political ploy that was gaining traction before this incident.

2. Underpaid White House Women. The president and his cronies are so busy bad-mouthing Republicans for "mistreating" women that they failed to notice that women are being paid 18% less than men at the White House. This is another black eye for the administration in their efforts to garner more support from women in the coming election.

3. The Four S's. 

Secret Service Sex Scandal: While protecting the president on an international trip, a cadre of Secret Service officers found the time to enjoy the company of prostitutes. This activity was not only unbecoming the Secret Service, it has national security implications.

4. Iran and North Korea Ignore Obama.

The president is getting very little respect from the international community, especially from the two most dangerous countries in the world. Iran has ignored empty threats from Obama and have continued to develop a nuclear weapon. North Korea launched a missile that, some day, could be used to carry a nuclear bomb long distinces in spite of a warning from the Obama administration. Fortunately, the North Koreans have not yet mastered the art of missile-making and the missle blew up shortly after takeoff.

5. Supreme Court is going to ding Obamacare. 

The president tried to get cute and fund his costly and ill-conceived heath care reform by installing a mandate to force Americans to buy insurance or pay a penalty. SCOTUS will declare the law, or a part of it, unconstitutional very soon. If Obama had just levied a tax to pay for the iniative instead, the law would have been acceptable to the Court. But, the president opted to avoid a tax increase at a sensitive economic moment; the gambit will backfire and result in a disatrous political embarrassment.

Other events that were considered but did not make the cut include: The continuing hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan, the recent 414-0 House vote against the president's budget, the extension of Bush tax cuts, the pathetic effort to have the 2016 Olympics come to Chicago, the debt ceiling debate and Bush's private conversation with Medvedev.

Which of Obama and his team's missteps do you think will cost him the most in 2012?